Ed Dyer, Dale Liebrecht, Justin Jackson, Pamela and Chelsey Taylor-Grey, and Jani Turunen, talking about the DSCOVR deep space mission, SpaceX reusable rocket test, nuclear missile silo luxury apartments, a 3-d cancer vaccine, engineered insulin, and CRISPR-CAS9.

At about the 1 hour mark Justin, Pamela and later Jani joined us for a free wheeling discussion about Science Island and other topics.

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Show Notes

1 – After 15 years, DSCOVR is headed to deep space to defend against solar storms. Article by Amy Thompson on the Verge

2 – Nuclear Missile Silos Converted Into Luxury Survival Apartments – via Jani on Facebook

Check Out These Nuclear Missile Silos Converted Into Luxury Survival Apartments

3 – D Vaccine Spontaneously Assembles to Pack a Powerful Punch against Cancer, Infectious Diseases

Canadian mother’s measles vaccine post about son goes viral

6 – Engineered Insulin Could Offer Better Diabetes Control

Engineered Insulin Could Offer Better Diabetes Control

7 – End of CRISPR-CAS9 controversy

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